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Lowpass | EP (5 songs) | June 2011

Moving listeners closer to the Van der Saar sound, Lowpass addresses the desolation of modern life with hope and anticipation. There’s tons of space on this EP, with a distinctive mood prevailing throughout. Like Red Circle, but shorter and without the despair.

Tracks: Sansico/ About the Sun/ Surf Song/ Battle James/ St. George

Red Circle | LP (12 songs) | September 2009

The first VdS LP. Described by Allan as “pop songs lost on drugs in a forest,” Red Circle is a desolate take on a time in his life that was equal parts formative and destructive. From the moment you press play, the smell of spilt scotch invades the room and sticks to the bottom of your shoe.

Tracks: City Dream/ Oxford Collapse/ Penn State/ You Are a Chinese Girl/ The Southern Wall/ Kay’s Lonely Cup/ Who Knows Who/ I’m Leaving for Manhattan/ City Dream II/ Disney Hi-Tops/ Pink Beach/ Eyes of Arnold

Swedish Sheets| EP (9 songs) | January 2007

Noisy, grainy rock done on a four track over Christmas vacation. Essentially eight Malvern songs played by one man, this is the sound of a musician trying to move beyond his record collection to sound more like himself.

Tracks: Drunken Despots/ Prog! Solo! Mess!/ Junior Slumps, Pretend Jumps/ Lapsed Humans/ Last Lines/ The Night He Retired/ Lion/ Mazelton Lanes/ I Am Wing Machine

Your Friends Are Knives | CDR EP (8 songs) | September 2005

Eight songs describing the disappointment of being let down by your best friends after letting them down first. This is the sound of a twenty-something squeezing his first EP from a four-track while speed nursing a bottle of Knob Creek.

Tracks: Actress/ Gris et Nuageux/ Boiling Lakes/ That Plane Could Crash/ I am the only other person in this room/ Straight From the Train/ Northern Ghost/ Your Friends Are Knives

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