Currency Capture Device

Until recently, the film canister did two things:
1. Hold film
2. Hold weed

Recently a brilliant, obscure mind innovated a third use for this functionally limited object.

The mind: MGK– savant, diplomat, and procrastinator
The application: Currency Capture Device

For years, MGK fought the everyday battle of loose and missing change. He understood that his flimsy pockets could never adequately contain the coin-swelled riches of a night out. He rightly saw jackets as seasonal and the idea of a purse, while a solution for some, as a non-option.

In a moment of decisive inspiration MGK picked up and considered a discarded film canister. After a few moments’ thought, he methodically inserted his change into the container and slipped it into his pocket. “That will do,” he said to himself.

He could not have known that he was altering the way we looked at change for good.

You often hear of one’s ‘Eureka Moment.’ MGK’s is one that must have resonated through his entire body like a freight train at dawn. His simple adaptation mixes portability and practicality with an elegance never managed by the conventional wallet.

And it’s no accident that this revelation came from such a versatile character. MGK can appear in states of calm (quiet, contemplative reading) and agitation (drunken entrances through screen doors), but never is he more compelling than when seen hunched over his duct tape-lined film canister, scouring its crumbling insides for the change to purchase a late night burrito.

A salute to MGK! To his resume above he may now add ‘pioneer’.


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  1. Maggie M

    A swell tribute!

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