Pine is Fine

I’m looking forward to a trip out to Pine this weekend. I haven’t been there since before Christmas. If you don’t remember hearing about Pine, it’s where most of Red Circle and about 50% of Malvern’s recorded output was thrown together. With a big warm room, wind, sand and a sea of trees, Pine is fine, indeed.
And there’s plenty on the agenda while I’m there: a fuck-ton of papers to grade, a book to get through, and some sketching-out of a new recording to complete. Beautiful. It sounds like a lot, but it’s Pine: things just get done when you’re there.
Perhaps most enticing is the prospect of mixing some of my cousin Jack’s high-game sausage (-What’s this stuff made out of, buddy? Venison? -Yup, there’s probably some Venison in there…) with a bunch of sweet potato and parmesan cheese to make the most delicious soup on the planet. There’s just not enough to be said for a bowlful of Saskabush mystery meat paired with salt, vegetables and cheese. Add to the soupy deliciousness the fact that it’s a long weekend, which means beers, beers, beers, and you’ve got what’s known as a winner, my friends. What a life, eh?
I’ll take it…



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2 responses to “Pine is Fine

  1. Maz

    Well fuck yeah. What a life indeed. Sounds like an ideal weekend. I’m almost jealous. I’ll keep the Republic warm for you while it waits for your arrival. Tell Pine I said “who is this Ray?”

  2. Ca$ey Deane x2

    fuck-ton lol

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