Checking in(doors)

I thought I’d check in. How are things? What have you been doing with your time? Have you been staying in? Going out?
For me, things are fine. I’ve been working hard on a new EP. With three and a half songs finished, I’m getting closer. You’ve heard a few of the tunes in less established guises, but I think you’ll like what a little bit of application has done for them. It feels like ages since I finished Red Circle, but I’m excited about what’s in the works. You should be hearing new stuff soon: let’s pretend that I’m committing to early spring.
Otherwise, I’ve had one of the quieter winters I can remember. There’s been tons of time spent indoors, playing and listening to good music, recording, reading and cooking loads. Toronto’s snowscape caught up with Saskatchewan’s November output a few weeks ago, and I think it’s fair to say that we’re in the midst of a pretty heavy Canadian winter.
Happily, my whiskey stash has kept things nice and easy. I love the feeling of sitting in my chair with that little glass in my hand, staring straight ahead at the bit of light coming from the other room. The tingle in my stomach and the glow in the room is the warmth of home. I love it here just now.

Talk soon,


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