I’m never up this late on a weeknight. It’s a trap, not being able to sleep. I’ve been lying in bed, listening to this song over and over for half an hour. I’m not sure why. I found it through a friend of a friend.
What have the rest of you been up to?
It’s definitely gone fall in Toronto. When the fall comes, I feel older. It’s such a lovely time of year, but when it blows in with its leaves and its cold and its rain, the fall reminds me that I’m getting older. I like it: everyone scurrying around in warmer things- coats and suchlike- trying to beat the cold, pretending there isn’t a cold to beat.
I am one of them.
It reminds me of an old VdS tune that I wrote about a girl I used to really like when I lived in Boston. In fact, it’s so old I think the only copy is on the original 4-track cassette in my parent’s basement (chief archivist?):
Soon it will be autumn/and the music that I hear/will make me quiet and sad for you
Now that I think of it, maybe I was talking about someone else.
NOPE!- I was definitely talking about her! She was smoking hot and I had her number taped up to my wall for at least a month in junior year.
I am definitely one of them.

VdS (x)


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One response to “Fools!

  1. Maz

    Yeah, I don’t have a copy of that. You should dig it up. It was a great song. I liked the d-drums.

    Autumn is the best part of the year. It is also the deathiest time of year. How is this possible? Dunno. I like being sad.

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