VdS is fucking back!
It hasn’t even been that long but who cares?
I fell off my skateboard today and re-injured my right wrist but I don’t give a shit cos there’s some whisky on the go and Jersey Shore’s coming on in a bit. And for once, I don’t actually care if you think it’s a terrible show; of course it is! We all know it and some of us watch it anyway.
Why? Because it’s freakishly compelling. I sit on my couch every Thursday night and get littered on whatever’s kicking around in the fridge, and have an awesome time (kind of like College except that’s never really stopped). It’s like NFL Sunday (which is awesome) except there’s (among other things) a giant chick (or, well, just…) with weird fake tits who looks like a cross between a wrestler and a Vivid Girl, and who FUCKING GETS THE JOB DONE. It’s also different because she isn’t Pam Oliver, who’s great, but gets weirder looking every season.
My point is that Thursdays are well wrapped up, at least for the next little bit.
Sub-point: there’s new VdS material on the way. I literally have only to outfox a few frequencies on the mixing board (ha!) and do a quick vocal take to get ‘er up.
What do you say to that?
In the meantime, check out these awesome photos of the Malvern reunion show: 1 2 3 4 5
And Mazza’s bob haircut.



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  1. Fuck You.

    Fuck you. Fair enough. Fuck you.

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