Death VAN!!!!!

This is Death Van. Obviously, Death Van is very fast (even if the resolution is very shitty). It looks fast. It is fast. Imagine if Death Van came and picked you up to go to, say, a party? What would you do? What would you wear? I’d probably wear the new blue shoes that I bought a few days ago cos they’re my nicest pair right now. I’d also freak out cos Death Van was in my yard. Death Van would just be waiting there chilling (idling, if we’re being specific), being like, “Bro, let’s get outta here! Let’s hit that spot and party!” I’d probably be like, “Yeah, Death Van!” And then I’d get in, and you’d be with me, and hopefully Death Van would be blasting some sick tunes. Yeah, for sure he would. What would you want to hear? I’d call Night Train or Young Turks, but probably Young Turks first cos right now I think it’s sort of the radder of the two. But you never know, though. Night Train sure ramps things up when it needs to.
So, remember how I was saying that Death Van’s super fast? Cos it is. And it’d be going all out to get us to that party on the double. Right before we’d hit the corner of the road of the house where the party was at, Death Van would kill the lights and slow down. We’d shut off whatever song was playing and put this one on. And when that riff comes in right at the start, Death Van would hit the lights and gun it super fast to the end of the street and we’d do a burning rubber stop in front of the house and jump out of the doors with a fairly sick tune going (kinda like in Detroit Rock City). Death Van would barely stop. He’d just be all, “Laters” and just burn it down the road with this tune blaring, only his revving would be WAY louder. It’s kind of like a swan song tune, but also more just like an “I’m outta here” tune. A few cold cans, a bit of dancing and a bit of Uh-Oh! (I know!) and the party would be underway. Man, we’re super lucky to have Death Van around.




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2 responses to “Death VAN!!!!!

  1. neilson

    I’d probably be like, “Yeah, Death Van!”


    lesson: typography = where did you get your tan?


  2. George

    I heart Death Van! In Texas, we have Death Trucks! Maybe they are cousins?

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