It’s plenty hot out just now, but it’s Thursday, which means that things are looking up. Sitting around waiting for life to get going can be annoying, especially when the heaviness of sleep just won’t go away. But I suppose that’s mine to deal with. Anyways, I’ve posted a demo (Battery) to help everyone deal with the heat. It’s some goofing around from a little while after Red Circle times that I’ve always wanted to tart up a little bit more. For now, it’s been posted to suggest the weekend, and all that can be achieved in 48 hours with an acceptable waterfront location and a bottle of gin.
Sounds like progress to me.




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2 responses to “Battery

  1. George

    This sounds like progress to me too! Well done, Alonzo!

  2. Maz

    Looks like the weekend will be wistful, hazy, and beautiful. For once, a forecast I trust. Nice work, Al.

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