Austria + Power + Time

The above note is an artifact from a conversation that I had (apparently) on Sunday. I was speaking with an Austrian named Tom who was trying to link Spain’s 1-0 victory with the return of an Austrian imperial hegemony. He drew this graph for our table to demonstrate what he meant. It made no sense. Looking at the note again today, it still makes no sense. It’s hilarious, though. I remember thinking that Tom was funny.
Tom is impossibly tall and wears a ridiculous hat. We drank beer from of a vuvuzela together. Not at the same time; not like that. We took turns drinking separately from the same vuvuzela. Apart, but together, you know? That’s the World Cup for you.
Cheating, shiteing little ref, by the way. Looked like a bouncer to boot. Guess he wasn’t that little.



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