This is Mike. We played in Malvern together. He owns a meat thermometer and he can ride a mountain bike like a motherfucker. Mike and I were at this man’s engagement party on the weekend, trying to catch crabs with our bare hands. Mike was the only one who managed it. I think it had something to do with him not being as scared as the rest of us. Anyways, it was a pretty sweet snag. When he grabbed the little guy, he yelled, “CRAB!” and went tearing off towards the patio doing this little running sort of dancey thing that was enjoyable to watch. I think Mike was scared that he had an animal from the deep in his hands; I was scared for him. The crab kept pinching Mike’s hands with its claws, which was definitely hilarious. I tried to catch some crabs as well, but they’re frightening. They look super weird, but it’s pretty awesome when it’s dark out and they’re cruising around just below the surface, looking interested in the bread you threw in the water.
OK, that aside, after a less than clamorous response to the VdS World Cup Fever contest, we have a winner. The trouble is, there was only one contestant, which mooted the contesting aspect of the whole affair to a degree. Anyhow, I knew before I wrote the post that it was going to Maz who would enter and, surprise, it was Maz who entered. And won. Now that I think of it, though, my friend Adriana wrote me an email asking for a VdS t-shirt as well, so she wins too. That makes two horses in a one horse race. Holy shit! Now it’s down to me to create these darn things. Photos will be up soon.
If you’re here for musical updates, a small amount of progress has been made on the VdS contribution to the split with Saga City. I wonder if Maz is going to wear his Vds t-shirt while he records his songs for the split? I imagine so?
Finally, if you’re from Russia (or thereabouts) and have been repeatedly visiting the VdS bandcamp site- explain yourself!



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  1. CaseyDeane0CaseyDeane

    this one is very very funny

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