World Cup Fever

Wow. It’s hard to focus on creating things when you can be outside doing things. Remember when I said that I might post a new demo to the site? Yep- I farted out that bit of optimism two weeks ago and still no demo. Surprise. The song is actually sitting on my ipod and it sounds pretty good. For some reason, I haven’t got around to getting it up on the site. It’s one song, for god’s sake. Am I actually that lazy? What if being ‘outside doing things’ actually means sitting on the couch, watching the NBA Finals and finishing a six pack? Never mind. I know the answer to that one.
Otherwise… Maz and I were knocking back a few pints (trend?) on the Diplomatico patio a few weeks back and decided to do a VdS/ Saga City split EP together. Three songs each. Digital download (probably). Bingo bango. Sounds fun, right? I’m thinking of doing a few acoustic songs that I’ve been strumming around my apartment over the last few months and maybe something a little noisy for the shits and the giggles. Goddammit! It’s time to put out something new! I feel like a fat, lazy bear that just kind of got cool with hibernating.
Lastly, I’m running a World Cup Fever contest. Mainly because I have World Cup Fever. The tournament starts next Friday and runs for a month, which means June and July will be just as unproductive as April and May. So here’s the contest: Leave a comment telling me a) why you have World Cup Fever and b) who your favourite team/player is. If you say the wrong team/player you lose. Sorry. The person with the best World Cup Fever comment gets a CD-r copy of Red Circle. Quelle prize, I know, but whatever. Maybe you’ll get a VdS t-shirt too. It’ll definitely be homemade, though. The contest will close on June 18, two Fridays from now. This will give those of you without World Cup Fever a chance to catch it and make up a reason for how that happened. For your reference, opening round games scheduled for June 18 are:
Slovenia vs. USA
England vs. Algeria
Germnay vs. Serbia




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3 responses to “World Cup Fever

  1. Maz

    I have World Cup Fever because I was bitten by a mosquito that was carrying it. World Cup Fever is caused by World Cup virus (WCWV), a mosquito-borne footivirus. WCWV is an ssRNA positive-strand virus of the family Footiviridae; genus Footivirus.

    OR…I may not have World Cup Fever. Where’s my t-shirt?

  2. VdS

    You’re an asshole. What size are you?

  3. Maz

    Well I’ve really been swelling since this whole “Fever” thing started – I’d say medium?

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