Recording in +16 degree conditions

I’ve been trying to get some bits and pieces of recording done lately, so naturally, the sun has come out. The sun in Toronto is so predictable in that you never know what the fuck it’s going to do. This whole week it was all dour, with rain and wind making miserable cold wetness in my socks. In May! And then suddenly that asshole the sun was all, ‘Remember how awesome I am?’ He’s right, of course. Fucking sun.
The goal of this post was to inform you to expect a new demo to be posted by Sunday or Monday. Not any more. Well, maybe, but it doesn’t seem likely that it’s going to happen. I’m a lazy piece of shit and there’s a big weekend ahead, with tomorrow’s Jays game and a subsequent BBQ as the centrepiece. Apparently I’m also “working” with this man on Sunday. Probably right around the time that this team starts getting awesome all over Dwight Howard’s face.
Maybe we can put it on in the boardroom…
VdS (x).


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