Stair drop

I’d like to stick to the meteorological theme of my last post (where I talked about how badly I wanted the snow to fuck off) by discussing Spring.
This morning, the little five-day weather widget that pops up when I hit F12 on my computer reports max temperatures of six degrees by Saturday. Six degrees! This place’ll be like the fucking Bahamas come the weekend!
I’ve spent months stuck in indoors while the winter has raged (admittedly rather tamely) outside. My suede boots are fucked from toxic salt and my pants are stained with slush. I’ve been in a shivering stupor since December because I can’t bring myself to spend the kind of money that a decent coat demands, and I don’t care anymore cos it’s almost over.
I think we should celebrate this weekend. I’m not fussed if it’s pissing down with rain or if there’s a tsunami on Lake Huron or some crazy shit like that. I haven’t been anywhere with a temperature near six degrees in months and I’m PUMPED. I’m going to go outside and do something awesome and it’s going to feel great cos it will be kinda warm and maybe dry and won’t feel as much like the unremitting, suffocating darkness of the last five months.
I may also have to spend some time indoors learning how to program drums properly, since I don’t know how to do that. Does anyone know how to do that?



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