du Neige

I’m trying to make a clean break from the snow. She is freshly fallen, there is more of her to come and you can tell that she wants to stay. For the first time this year, she is making herself noticed; making herself a nuisance; making herself feared.
But I won’t have it. We’re divorced, the snow and I; it’s over. The relationship is no longer fruitful, at least for this year. And we didn’t have much to begin with. Last winter her cold felt like forever and this year, hardly a trace. She fucked off for D.C. and St. John’s without so much as a squall to keep me on the hook. Harlot!
Do I miss her? Don’t make me answer that. A clean break means that there is no looking back, only forward. Forget reminiscing, I’m making future plans and there is no snow in sight- apart from this current storm, that is. This little last minute bout is like her turning up at my house, drunk and crying. She knows it’s over. She’s trying to get at me one last time. But my resolve is sturdy and I will not bend. I just don’t need her anymore. Our time has come and gone. No need to draw it out and have it hurt more than it needs to. We’re quits now, for another year. Let’s leave it at that.


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